Natural leather – quality leather used in an industry of bag manufacturing. The term “natural“ itself prompts that this kind of leather may feature certain characteristic qualities such as small marks or scratches. The amount of these should be moderate of course, because this kind of leather is carefully selected and prepared following special standards for the category. When owning a leather product you should understand that over time it will change together with you. It’s a unique leather feature: it continuously changes its appearance and becomes more familiar, personal to you. There are special products that can help when taking good care of your leather bag. To refresh colour beeswax or special oils can be used. Sometimes even certain household products such as olive oil can be applied. Of course, do not experiment blindly: before you apply some kind of product all over your bag, test a small quantity on the bottom to make sure it dries off without leaving any traces or marks. Don’t overdo, use moderate quantities of care products. During the wet/cold season of the year use impregnant as it will protect your bag from the rain or snow. However, please note that shoe impregnants will not always work for your bag. The rule repeats – before you start impregnating, always test the product spraying a bit on the bottom of your bag to make sure it won’t leave any unwanted marks or stains. It is recommended to keep your bag hidden from direct sunlight and not to leave it in a humid place for a long time  
this may affect the colour of your bag.

Saffiano type of leather – it’s a low-care, durable calf leather. Cross-hatch is a name of technology that provides leather with this kind of durability Thanks to this technology, Saffiano leather is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Compared to conventional types of leather, Saffiano leather is very low-care and long lasting. Having a closer look at this type of leather you would see the tiny distinctive lines embossed – that’s why it’s called cross-hatch technology.

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