The name kARTu has a triple meaning. First of all, this word has two meanings in Lithuanian which are “together” and “bitter”. You can also detect the English word “art” in the middle. By naming our studio kARTu we wanted to present not only the very different tastes and characters that our bags have, but also to invite all the customers to stay together with our unique approach to leather design.

Little cosy kARTu studio is located in K. Donelaicio st. 24-1, the very heart of city Kaunas . Here you can not only find a variety of unique leather handbags and backpacks by kARTu but unique clothes, accessories and stylish pieces for your home decor by local designers too! There is also a possibility to design kARTu dream bag or backpack here – you can choose specific colour and type of leather from our palette which has more than 100 colours and patterns. What is more, you can mix and match, choose everything to the very detail and order your one and only bespoke handbag by kARTu.