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Handbag “Astilbe” – so far one of the largest durable companions we have created for a personality that has activite, dynamic rhythm, but secretly dreams of always carrying heaps of stuff safely. Even the biggest critics fall for this handbag due to its solidity and unfading classical shapes that don’t keep up with the passage of […]


Handbag “Eucalyptus” – playful and sometimes even called magical! Apparently, it earned this title because of the secret healing power: to accompany even the rainiest moods of the city and to exchange gloomy days for playful harmony. It is for those who like to go on trips with them accompanied by the most loyal companions. […]


Handbag “Savory” – A small silhouette, but a special one, which can be combined as a fashion accessory! True, like the plant itself, the handbag has a special growth and blooming when in the hands of a loving host and reveals itself from all its most gourmet sides. It is small, but it accumulates an […]


Travel bag “Juniper” – so far, this is the greatest travel buddy we have ever created. This bag, just as we’ve promised, is just a little piece of all the surprises we have prepared for men. The bag is roomy enough for a carefree escape from the city jungle. It can be held in hand […]


Wallet/case “Caraway” – one of the most popular spices that took roots in Lithuanian cuisine long ago. We believe that it’s a great companion not only in culinary adventures but in every of our handbags too. Or maybe pocket? Wallet “Caraway” has an intensive aroma and is super charming so it will be a great […]


[columnsection wrapper=”wrapper” layout=”one-full” swap=”0″ spacing=”spaced-normal” animation=”no-anim” colalign=”top” class=”” id=””][col size=”one-full” last=”last-col”] Case „Strawflower“  – although he should be super proud of his golden yellow blooms, Strawflower is shy and not too keen on getting a lot of attention. He is a quiet dreamer that admires the smell of wisps dancing in the wind, blue skies, […]


Handbag „Almond“ – a tree that brings joy every Spring with its wonderful, pastel coloured, cherry like petals. However, almond is not so famous because of its blooms, but rather nuts that are considered very valuable all over the world. kARTu handbag “Almond” also has some similarities to this extraordinary plant – everyone admires its appearance, […]


Backpack “Agave” – she only feels alive when soaking up warm sun beams, enjoying fresh Southern wind and experiencing endless adventures. Backpack “Agave” is very subtle, mysterious, sometimes even unrecognizable as she has countless different faces and character qualities. She’s both a peaceful world observer and enthusiastic traveler that dreams to see more and more of planet’s wonders. […]


Handbag “Iris” – the legend says that the very first bloom of this beautiful flower was noticed in Asia and everyone around just couldn’t get enough of its charm. Later on, strong winds blew out seeds of iris all around the world and that’s how we’ve got the chance to know these summer welcoming flowers in […]


Handbag “Turmeric” – spice that is well known for countless generations few thousands of years already, very valued and considered special worldwide. This is one of the oldest spices ever known and recognized by humans. Our precious kARTu “Turmeric” has similar qualities – every woman that holds it in her hands will feel like she […]


Tote bag “Windflower” – name of this flower was born in Latin language from a word that has a same meaning – “wind”, because windflower’s blossoms get lost in its gusts. That’s how kARTu “Windflower” is – world citizen that feels great being in Lithuania but wouldn’t be worried suddenly finding herself in Alpine mountains, […]


Handbag “Fennel” – fresh, subtle and aromatic taste from Mediterranean region. The very special pollen of fennel are even called “spice of angels” in Italy. kARTu “Fennel” is slightly piquant too, however giving some new taste notes in style rather than culinary discoveries. “Fennel” makes you feel alive and encourages to give in for those […]


Backpack “Ginger” – a very distant but well known spice that has an extraordinary taste. Both India and Southeast Asia are called homelands of ginger so kARTu “Ginger” has roots familiar to these exotic countries too. As you might know, ginger lifts one’s mood up and improves immunity – helps us feel better during any […]


Bag “Poppy” – the bright bloom you’ll notice from far away. She likes to be in the center of attention. That’s just the way she is – lively, brave, expressive and straightforward sometimes. She just can’t hold that energy. kARTu “Poppy” is never out of the most fascinating stories, ideas in her head comes one […]


Backpack “Peppermint” – light and fresh summer companion, but her aroma will surely warm you up on a chilly autumn evenings too. She is subtle, having kind manners, never afraid of cold or wind so is brave enough to travel to the wild reaches of Iceland or wind whetted African deserts together. But do not […]