Backpack “Lupin” – yellow reptile



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Backpack “Lupin” – yellow reptile

“Lupin” – so full of life, energy and colours like Spring itself! Proudly raising his blooms high up he enjoys life and just can’t stay in one place excited to see, inbreath, feel and discover everything while he can. Backpack “Lupin” is playful and spry, it doesn’t ever feel fear or have any doubts. New experiences or extreme adventures? “Lupin” is the very first in the queue! Together with “Lupin” you’ll beat all the challenges, will wade through deep rivers, maybe will finally decide to fly with a hot air balloon or go on a longest hike in your life. Because the most wonderful things happen the time we leave our fears behind and decide to go on this journey of life feeling free and ready to learn lesson or two.

  • Measurements: 29 x 32,5 x 9 cm
  • Backpack has two handles at the top so it would be comfortable to easily pick it up and carry in your hand
  • Inside “Lupin” you will find cotton lining and two leather pockets – one open, one zippered
  • Backpack closes with a metal zip
  • Straps are adjustable



Leather type

Patterned leather