Backpack “Marjoram” – light latte



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Backpack “Marjoram” – light latte

“Marjoram” – the very fresh and flavorful member of “kARTu” family. He just can’t stay still for a moment, always ready for another challenge or unexpected trip even to the farthest point on Earth. Together you could run down the beach, catch the wind on a bike and walk the undiscovered jungle paths. Safe and lazy at home? Not for “Marjoram”. He is easy to become friends with, “Marjoram” doesn’t have any boundaries so he feels great being a companion of his yet hers. Any partner he gets will be pushed to leave that safe comfort zone and give in the spontaneous adventure together.


  • Measurements 39 x 27 x 9 cm / 9,5 L
  • Inside the backpack you will find cotton lining and one leather zippered pocket for your phone/keys

  • Backpack is zippered
  • Straps are adjustable
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