Backpack „Ginger“ – forest green reptile




Ginger” – a very distant but well known spice that has an extraordinary taste. Both India and Southeast Asia are called homelands of ginger so kARTu “Ginger” has roots familiar to these exotic countries too. As you might know, ginger lifts one’s mood up and improves immunity – helps us feel better during any season of the year. Inspired by faraway journeys, unique tastes, smells and sceneries and that quenchless desire for adventures. You just can’t stay still knowing that there is SO MUCH left to see and experience in the world? Well, I think we’ve found a match for “Ginger”!


  • Measurements: 39 x 35 x 15

  • Backpack has a handle at the top so it would be comfortable to easily pick it up and carry in your hand

  • Inside “Ginger” you will find a lining and one leather zippered pocket

  • There is one vertical spacious and very safe zippered pocket at the back of the backpack

  • Straps are adjustableBackpack