Cylinder handbag „Coriander“ mini – black




Cylinder silhouette handbag „Coriander“ – newcomer bringing a very unique taste to kARTu family. It’s hard to say where she’s traveled from – it is said „Coriander“ was tasted in Ancient Rome, Egypt, China and especially popular in India back in time. Since now she is ready to spice Baltic style up here in Lithuania too. This spice is unique, having a bit of bitterness, but giving a very exclusive taste when being used properly, both for dishes and stylish outfits.


  • Measurements: lenght 21 cm, width 15  cm
  • Inside the handbag you will find cotton lining and one zippered leather pocket for your phone/keys
  • Handbag is zippered
  • Has a detachable long strap
  • Handle can be attached two ways – horizontally or vertically