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Answers to all the questions you might have

All the handbags are authentic, created here in Lithuania, city Kaunas, lovingly handmade by our team of talented craftsmen and craftswomen. We only work with natural, highest quality Italian cattle leather. When using this kind of leather no animal is killed or harmed for the industry purposes. Leather is a secondary material of meat industry that would otherwise be considered as a waste.

We don’t use ECO leather. In that case, at least for now, we wouldn’t be able to ensure durability and quality of our handbags. Of course, technologies in this industry are improving, so we will reconsider this possibility in the future.

When owning a leather product you shall understand that it changes together with you over time. Natural leather is super elastic, it has pores, unique smell, unique pattern, it’s pleasant to touch and very durable.


The term “natural“ itself prompts that this kind of leather may feature certain characteristic qualities such as small marks or scratches. When wearing natural leather handbag leather of such will soften as the time passes. It slightly changes form and structure, also, few scratches will of course be visible less or more – this aspect depends on your lifestyle and wearing habits too.

Different surfaces of leather characterise as more or less resistant to scratches and we always try to remind this to clients, however, the truth is: every leather changes its appearance during time, becomes cozier, more familiar and personal to you. After all, it gathers all the best memories. No need to worry about that.

We are more than happy to carry out individual colour orders for “kARTuhandbag models. Will make it in a colour of your choice (we have a very wide palette of leathers to choose from) or will help to create a beautiful, unique combination of colours with few different leathers.

Extra fee is not applicable to individual colour orders, but they take longer to make. If an order is extraordinary, we do reserve the right to ask for a deposit that will not be refunded if a client decides not to buy the ordered handbag.

There are special products that can help when looking after your bag, you can find it at supermarkets, shoe and haberdashery or other specialized stores. Natural beeswax products are very effective when wanting to hide scratches or unevenness that naturally appear over time. Leather handbag shouldn’t be cleaned too much and too often. If you tend to clean it yourself, dirt can be easily removed with a damp cloth – try sweeping at the less visible part of the bag first checking if moisture doesn’t leave any traces. Wait for it to dry completely. When wanting to professionally clean your bag we recommend doing it at the leather goods specialised cleaners.

During the wet/cold season of the year we strongly recommend to use impregnant as it will protect your bag from rain and snow. We would like to advise that shoe impregnants might not always be the best choice for leather bags, so we recommend testing it before using all over – spray some product on the small, not so visible area of your bag and make sure it doesn’t leave any unwanted stains and do no harm to the leather. It’s a great habit to always check any product you want to use on your bag first. Natural leather handbags should be impregnated at least one time per season. If the bag that you own is from lacquered leather – it doesn’t need to be impregnated as this type of leather might react in a very different way.

Keep your bag hidden from the direct sunlight and don’t leave it in a humid place for too long – this may affect the colour. If your handbag accidentally got wet, be patient and simply dry it at the room temperature. Do not put it near the open fire, radiator or any other kind of heater. Also, do not use a hair dryer or an iron. Do not keep your leather handbag in a plastic bag. This can affect colour.

Online shopping in the store

Press “Shop” on the menu that’s up on the left side of the page, select the category of your interest and choose the product of your choice. Press “Add to cart”. If you wish to keep browsing, maybe choose more products – it’s no problem. Your previous choices will stay in the cart. When you finish shopping, overview your cart. Then choose the way you want your order to be delivered (or choose to pick it up yourself from our studio in Kaunas) and press “Place order”.

There are few possible ways to pay when you shop online on our website, choose what’s most convenient to you:


1. Pay through PayPal or Opay platforms ;
2. Complete direct transfer to our bank account. Details needed:

MB Studija „Kartu”, Luminor Bank,  IBAN (account number) LT944010051003660454, SWIFT code AGBLLT2X,

When you order at “kARTu” e-shop you’ll soon receive a confirmation letter with all the important info about it. We will kindly inform customers about all the updates on a certain order during our working hours (I-V – 11:00-18:30). If you didn’t receive confirmation email after you placed an order with us or would just like more information to be given do not hesitate to contact us through email or by phone +37063075019.

Ordered products (after we notify the customer that they’re ready) can be collected from „kARTu“ studio in Kaunas, which is located at K. Donelaičio st. 24, during opening hours.  If there is no possibility for you to do that, there are few ways how we can deliver your order: to the most convenient “Omniva” parcel machine or by “Venipak” couriers – straight to your door (working days only). Delivery charge around Lithuania is 5 euros. We deliver worldwide too. If delivery address is out of Lithuania, shipping cost is 20 euros. In that case, depending on the country, your order can be delivered different ways:


  • “Lietuvos Pastas” services
  • “Venipak” couriers
  • “POST NL” couriers
  • “UPS” couriers
  • “DHL” couriers

You’ll receive exact information about your order and its journey to you after the order is placed.

Local orders will reach you in about 5 to 8 working days (through whichever way of delivery you chose), while time of delivery overseas varies depending on the country. You will receive all the important information about how long it might take and how to track your order by email (or by phone if you prefer) after the order is placed.

Yes, if you decide so you can return your purchase no later than during 14 days after you collect/receive it. When returning your bag(s), it is mandatory to follow these rules:


  • the product you’re retuning has to be in a neat, original packaging;
  • product has to be unworn, without any flaws;
  • product needs to be in a perfect condition for another client to buy (tags in place, protective film unremoved ext.) (these rules are not applicable when the product that’s being returned is faulty);
  • the product you’re retuning has to be in a full set, same as received ;
  • when you’re returning a product it is obligatory to present a document that proves purchasing it.

Custom orders are not returnable.

Once we receive the product you’re returning, it will take around 10 working days for the funds to be returned to your account. When a client has decided to return a well-made product that has no approved flaws, she or he covers shipping costs both ways.

Yes, all natural leather bags from “kARTu” have a warranty of two years. Mechanically appeared scratches and certain flaws that occur due to wearing habits are not considered warranty insured.