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“kARTu” exposition in Paris. Moments from international design week

September in Paris is dedicated to design, fashion and culture. Opens one of the biggest interior fairs in the world „Maison & Objet”, there are countless events and shows dedicated to Paris design and fashion weeks happening all around the city. In this year events scene you could also find an exclusive exposition dedicated to Lithuanian design only – “kARTu” were one of the participants exhibiting handbags at the young artists display “Le Off!”.

In Europe baltic design traditions tend to be famous by its authenticity and extraordinary aesthetics. Ambassadors of Lithuanian fashion and design are cleverly adapting current worldwide trends without leaving our cultural heritage, that we are very proud of, behind. Lithuanian Design Forum is putting all the efforts for our authentic design to get the attention it deserves in Europe and around the world. The organization started this new fall season with another great news. Paris, the capital of culture was welcoming the strongest Lithuanian design names to participate in the exhibition “Design Lituanie 2018” that we had an opportunity to be among as well.

At the exhibition which has been opened at the centre “Ground Control” at the very heart of Paris kARTu presented three different handbag models. This achievement is very special for each and every member of our team. It made us remember the very first, simple tote bag model that kARTu designer made with a thought she will only wear it herself or maybe make a few as gifts for her friends. As four years have passed till then we are happy to see the team growing, two-digit number of handbag models being offered and us presenting design solutions that have caught Europe’s attention.

We had an opportunity to decide the models that will be exhibited in Paris ourselves, however there is always an overall theme announced. This year it was about nature and cities, synthesis of different surroundings. Natural, earthy colours and shapes mix with architectural inspirations and fast rhythm of everyday life in the city. This creative theme is very familiar to us, near surroundings and everyday scenery were always the main inspiration and guideline when thinking about different forms and pragmatism of kARTu handbags.

Three different kARTu bags got a chance to be exhibited – unique silhouette backpack “Mistletoe”, belly bag “Marigold” and playful accessory that consists of three separate parts “Mini Muscat Trio”. When choosing models that will be seen in Paris main criteria were uniqueness and current worldwide trends. We were pursuing the idea for the bags to be different, slightly unexpected, something thwouldn’t be seen at shop windows each and every day. Backpack “Mistletoe” is the exact example of our idea. Belly bag is an absolute must have of the season so we couldn’t leave this type behind. kARTu designer Ingrida also chose “Marigold” belly bag for her travels around Paris as it’s not only stylish but super practical accessory too. The third bag consists from three different parts and has countless wearing possibilities. Here we really made a bold decision and decided to demonstrate a very different perception of a woman’s handbag.

Just coming back from Paris kARTu team is still living in those unforgettable moments. It’s a very special feeling to represent Lithuania in exhibition of such a big importance. We work hard everyday so these kind of moments would happen and successful achievements give us even a stronger push to go forward. We do not plan to stop and can’t wait to present our new collection soon. Lithuanian design is unique and it does interest Europe, more of Lithuanian designers should have trust in themselves and be open for possibilites. Wishing that to all the creative minds around!