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Create your dream handbag!

We offer you to become a designer of your own dream bag!

In studio “kARTu” we do offer to choose individual colour or colour combination for any of our models for a while now. Our palette of natural leather colours is very wide, not only having traditional, but patterned, different surface or decorated using unique techniques leathers.

You have all the freedom to choose a leather or few different ones and combine them, shade for the details, ask for an extra pocket or partition inside, choose metal parts to be certain colour, choose type of logo and its colour too! It can be done traditionally – logo embossed into the leather of your chosen bag or it can be sewn on the top as a separate accent in a different coloured leather of your choice. Yes, there are no boundaries for your fantasy here.

You can individually order a handbag at our physical “kARTu” studio in Kaunas. However, if there is no possibility for you to give us a visit and submit your order such way – don’t worry. There are few other ways to do it:

  • reaching out to us through phone, email of with a help of social media platforms (Facebook or Instagram messaging). We will take pictures of the leathers that interest you, will also help to beautifully combine few together and, if you wish, will free half and hour or so in our day to make a personal video call with you;
  • visually “designing” your dream bag by using virtual personalisation tool on our page. Using it you have a possibility to become the designer of your new bag, backpack or smaller leather accessory while being at any part of the world. Combine different leather colours for base, pockets and other details and see visual representation on your screen right away! When you decide that you like what you see our team will turn your idea into reality.

If choosing, combining and trying to imagine seems like a nightmare to you, but that dream to own a unique handbag is not going anywhere, “kARTu” team is always here to help, advise and recommend the best solution, colour or model wise. There is always something both for personal style and lifestyle of yours.

Why “kARTu” handbags are unique?

Handmade” is a description that we hear so much of these days, well, way too much actully. It’s a very special phrase to present some product as it has a particular “weight” to it and sometimes it is used quite mistakenly. As we see and hear it everywhere it has become quite hard to explain to our customers, why this handmade product should be considered so special and be valued accordingly.

Each and every “kARTu” collection is made by hand, not in some factory or huge manufacture, but in our cozy little sewing studio where very special, our so beloved artisans work and put all their heart, care and good spirits into every bag they work on. Every single bag is made by one and only person from the very first to the last finishing touches. No processes are automated, hastened or “stamped” to happen one after other, one after other… Every handbag is the only one like this, having its character and certain uniqueness. That’s the special quality proof we are able to give you, no doubt.

Every single “kARTubag has a smooth, dirt resistant, long lasting lining inside. We choose it to be neutral coloured so that it wouldn’t annoy your eyes when seeing it everyday. Mostly all of our bags also have a zippered inside pocket for important minor items to keep.

Have more questions?

No problem! Please do contact us in a way that’s most convenient for you. We are always happy to answer all the questions, give an advice or tell more about the brand. Also, if you have an individual idea that you would like to carry, we will happily discuss that too.

Let your ideas come to life with “kARTu”!