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Unique handbags’ designer Ingrida Jasinske talks about her idea and brand launch, creative process and inspiring everyday routine that keeps her going forward – one step at a time.

Let’s start from the question that everybody really wants to know the answer to: brands name. How was it born? When seeking ideas for a brand concept and name I came to a decision that the bags will be named by various different spices. I thought that it would be quite unexpected, playful and unique. Also, what I really wanted is to create a connection between my brand and customers. The name  “kARTu” seemed like a great name to fulfill this idea as Lithuanian word “kartu” means “together”. Actually, it even has more than one meaning. Second would be “bitter” and bitter is a very gourmet taste note.  After a while only I actually realised that the word hides a third meaning in it – English word ART. So it seems like this name really suits the brand.

Let’s remember the very beginning of „kARTu” – how did you get inspired to start designing handbags?
The idea to create handbags was leading me all the time as this accessory always seemed very important to me. It really took time till I finally decided to give it a try and create the very first models. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that kARTu handbags actually became reality, we handcraft them till now and hopefully will do that for years in the future!

How unique is  the brands creative and manufacturing process, materials you use?
Probably what we are most proud about is that all the handbags are lovingly handcrafted by our team, nothing is ever ordered in factories, every single piece is born here, in our little studio in Kaunas center. We use natural, highest quality leather from Italy. kARTu is not only trend led but socially responsible brand too, we care about the environment and its natural materials which are used up to 100% during the creative process.

The very first handbag you created. What was the story with it?

The very first handbag I created customers actually order till now!  It’s a very simple tote bag model which I named “Coffee Bean”. It’s unpretentious and easily goes with any outfit. Like a best daily companion that leads woman anywhere fitting any occasion.

Favorite design object that was not created by you?
Urban architecture of the biggest super cities.

Person as an authority to you.
Wouldn’t exclude one.

Main tool when working.
 It would be three of them: my laptop, car and notebook that is being filled with thoughts and ideas through the years.

The best soundtrack while in the creative process.

Brazilian music, I love the sound of Portuguese language and beats. My colorful emotions could be easily spotted in my designs I believe.

Typical designers day: how does it start?
First thing in the morning I take my dog Bamboo for a walk, quickly drink hot cup of coffee when I get back and then head to the city center, to my studio.

Message that you aim to express through your designs.
Different names of the spices are given to the bags because of a reason. They reflect different characters. Every single handbag has an unrepeatable taste, story and identity.  Different models are dedicated to very different, unique women. kARTu handbags are for personalities living to the city rhythm and style, for someone who likes to “spice up” their look, isn’t afraid to stand out and values quality. I tend to think that kARTu helps women to discover their true, individual style in some way.