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Our story

I would like to tell you a brief story of how every single kARTu bag is born. Sometimes I catch myself wanting to stop and think – how quickly the times goes by and how bravely kARTu leaves its steps in the world.

At the start it was all in a group of some ladies giggling, they were dreaming to have something unusual, special, and weren’t happy with the things that they could find at the shops around. One from them made a promise to others – she will surprise them.

And that’s how kARTu was born – pretty simple, a little shy. Maybe a bit laconic but easily remembered, always talking like a real gourmand and romantically playing with the names of the spices. Maybe it’s Chocolate? Bergamot? Maybe the little Pepper? It is still so unusual and pleasant for us, when our clients come to the studio like to a restaurant saying “I really want Grapefruit and Cacao”. I enjoy that every single time clapping my hands like a little kid, that the names of our bags easily stay in mind and become close to you.

About the manufacture? And the manufacture is actually SOMETHING. It’s the very sharp scissors, cutters, our beloved sewing machines, it’s that irreplaceable leather aroma and that wonderful feeling – from the blank piece, from the idea there is finally a beautiful item made in our hands.

What happens after – you, dear customers, become a big part of it! You see it, fall inlove, find a bag or a backpack that feels so close to you like you had it the whole time already. You start feeling – this bag is yours. That’s how kARTu accessories find its owners.

At a time we are preparing, packing, filling your shopping bags and courier boxes with the best emotions, giving our hard work into your hands or sending it to another city or even the furthest part of the world.

Your very own and only – kARTu