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That refreshing, vibrant and crisp gust of fresh air into our lives – S P R I N G. Yes, finally back! It’s like the very unexpected kick in the bottom, the best way possible. Kick to wake up from that winter snoozing and
start acting. To finally make some old idea come true, start exercising, learn how to cook, ask an old friend to come over for a cup of coffee. Because in fact time we have depends on how much we want to have it and in Spring it seems like it doubles, right? All of us start to feel that stimulus to change – outside and inside.

Spring means traveling as kARTu team would tell you. Well, actually, it’s a bit of a lie because every season is the very best season to travel and discover. We need adventures like fresh air. But what’s different, in Spring we all want to press the button “refresh” in our heads. We dream about forgetting our routine, familiar daily way to work and drink our morning coffee in some new cafe, lost in an undiscovered city far away. Or maybe that city is familiar to you already but you see it differently each time.

This early Spring kARTu was, as usual, traveling and seeking inspiration for the new season collection. We found it in a couple of quite familiar cities in Europe. Short weekend getaways missing sun, city rush, colours and emotions became great , unforced impulse to create something new. Our heads were full of fresh ideas, those tiny details which we arrange together like a puzzle and that’s how new kARTu models are being born. Barcelona and London are familiar, touristy, well known cities for many people from all over the world. Actually, they can even seem boring for some of you. However, as the English writer Samuel Johnson said, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”. And we do agree, London is a never sleeping city that always has something new to offer. From countless art galleries, all year happening concerts and events to the exclusive gourmet food and a wide choice of eyes mast for modern design yet contemporary fashion lovers.

In Barcelona it’s a bit different, life moves much slower. People in Spain are enjoying sunshine most of the months through the year, that’s why this city is perfect for those missing warm, sunny weather and good emotions. We repeat Mr. Johnson and praise Barcelona the way he praised beloved London – it’s hard to believe that you could get bored of this wonderful city. We were fascinated by the cozy atmosphere and unique serenity of Barcelona. Possibilities of our imagination were challenged by extraordinary, sugar sweet Antoni Gaudi architecture. Beautiful Mediterranean sea is rustling just nearby. When visiting city in summer you will definitely have a chance to meet a few surfers in a little beach cafe. We promose, that will make you feel like in a different world, were time is measured differently than where you are from.

Different inspirations fate cintrasts of the S/S’18 “kARTu” collection. Temperate, but so liberated, modern and versatile London inspired new models for the always-in-a-rush, stylish city man. Meanwhile calm and relaxed Barcelona dictated careless, modern city style complementing female handbags. Together they celebrate season of change – for him yet for h