Handbag “Iris” – the legend says that the very first bloom of this beautiful flower was noticed in Asia and everyone around just couldn’t get enough of it’s charm. Later on, strong winds blew out irisis seeds all around the world and that’s how we’ve got the chance to know these summer welcoming flowers in Lithuania. kARTu handbag “Iris” also started blooming in summer sun. Because of its soft, sleek silhouette and romantic colour range this handbag reminds us of those eye soothing blooms of iris flower. Well, it also reminds us of a sweet caramel from our childhood – toffee sweets. When you promise yourself you are only going to have one, but end up wanting all of them…

Handbag has two wide straps – one of which is adjustable, so you could wear it on your shoulder if wanted. Handbag safely closes with a metal magnet. It has a detachable longer strap. Inside the handbag – dirt resistant lining and one zippered leather pocket for important minor items. “Iris” also has little metal dots at the bottom to stand on.

Measurements: smaller 30 x 18 x 10.5 cm, bigger 34 x 23 x 11.5 cm