Mini leather case „Strawflower“  – although he should be super proud of his golden yellow blooms, Strawflower is shy and not too keen on getting a lot of attention. He is a quiet dreamer that admires the smell of wisps dancing in the wind, blue skies, enjoys hot sand tickling its feet and warm summer rain. The little kARTu “Strawflower” feels great here and now – this very moment, wherever he is. “Strawflower” doesn’t miss faraway countries because everyday inspires him enough and brings so much joy. Every new day is another adventure, he would say. The most important thing for “Strawflower” – to notice all the magic around and dream, dream…

Leather case has two sections: one zippered envelope type and also front pocket that closes with a little clasp on. There is a convenient handle too.

Measurements: 16 x 10,5 cm

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