Mini bag “Poppy” – the bright bloom you’ll notice from far away. She likes to be in the center of attention. That’s just the way she is – lively, brave, expressive and straightforward sometimes. She just can’t hold that energy. kARTu “Poppy” is never out of the most fascinating stories, ideas in her head comes one after another and if you suggest to catch up over a cup of tea together – that’s not really her kind of scenario. “We should rather rollerblade to the seaside!” – she would state. Crazy “Poppy” can never have enough friends, maybe you would like to be one of them? Well, get ready to go on the most unexpected adventures in your life then!


This mini bag closes with a zipper. “Poppy” has one horizontal envelope type pocket that closes with metal button and two mini front pockets that close with metal magnets at the front. One safe zippered pocket at the back. With an all leather detachable belt so “Poppy” could become a stylish clutch in no time.


smaller 13 x 20 cm

bigger 14 x 24 cm

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