“Turmeric” – spice that is well known for countless generations few thousands of years already, very valued and considered special worldwide. This is one of the oldest spices ever known and recognized by humans. Our precious kARTu “Turmeric” has similar qualities – every woman that holds it in her hands will feel like she has spent eternity together with “Turmeric” already and could it ever be different? Because of it’s bright colour turmeric is often surnamed as “the golden spice” or even called the queen of spices. Well, there would be a very serious competition for the title of queen at kARTu family, but nobody could deny that the very elegant “Turmeric” is truly unique and irreaplaceable shoulder bag! Companion and adviser of every special woman. Everyday.

Inside the handbag you will find a lining and one leather zippered pocket for your phone/keys. Handbag closes with a zip. “Turmeric” also has one big spacious pocket at the front that closes with metal magnet. There is another zippered pocket at the back of a handbag too. Handles are perfectly comfortable to wear on your shoulder. Handbag comes with a detachable belt

Measurements: 25 x 36 x 12 cm

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