“Verbena” – like a swan feather tickling your feet. We are smiling and sharing this feeling with you. The name Verbena has an extraordinary meaning. It’s a very powerful name – Scandinavians used to call it the Toro flower, Greeks – the Aphrodite flower and we call it the muse of –kARTu-. “Verbena” inspires you to travel and makes everything seem possible. Your companion to laugh and whisper. Verbena is a special backpack: spacious, strict-shaped, playful but temperate at the same time.


Inside the backpack there is a natural lining and one leather pocket for your phone and keys. Backpack closes with a zip and little metal magnets.


Measurements: bigger 35 x 31 x 9,5 cm, smaller 31 x 29 x 12 cm

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