“Windflower” – name of this flower was born in Latin language from a word that has a same meaning – “wind”, because windflower’s blossoms get lost in its gusts. That’s how kARTu “Windflower” is – world citizen that feels great being in Lithuania but wouldn’t be worried suddenly finding herself in Alpine mountains, charismatic streets of Paris or at the beach in Rio de Janeiro. “Windflower” attracts by her ease, naturalism and colours that always gets us everyone in good mood for the upcoming day. Cozy and full of good spirits kARTu “Windflower” – modern city minimalist.

Handles are long enough so the bag would be comfortable to wear on your shoulder. Inside “Windflower” you will find cotton lining and one leather zippered pocket for minor items. Tote bag closes with two metal magnets.

Measurements: 30 x 39 x 18 or 35 x 47 x 20 cm

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