Backpack “Ginger” – burgundy



Backpack "Ginger" - burgundy 180.00 
  • 100% natural leather

BackpackGinger” – a very distant but well known spice that has an extraordinary taste. Both India and Southeast Asia are called homelands of ginger so kARTuGinger” has roots familiar to these exotic countries too. As you might know, ginger lifts one’s mood up and improves immunity – helps us feel better during any season of the year. Inspired by faraway journeys, unique tastes, smells and sceneries and that quenchless desire for adventures. You just can’t stay still knowing that there is SO MUCH left to see and experience in the world? Well, I think we’ve found a match for “Ginger”!

Measurements: 39 x 35 x 15

Backpack has a handle at the top so it would be comfortable to easily pick it up and carry in your hand

Inside “Ginger” you will find a lining and one leather zippered pocket

There is one vertical spacious and very safe zippered pocket at the back of the backpack

Straps are adjustable

Care info:

The term “natural“ itself prompts that this kind of leather may feature certain characteristic qualities such as small marks or scratches. When owning a leather product you shall understand that it changes together with you over time. There are special products that can help when taking good care of your leather bag. Natural beeswax products are very effective when wanting to hide scratches or unevenness that naturally appear over time. During the wet/cold season of the year we strongly recommend to use impregnant as it will protect your bag from rain and snow. We would like to advise that shoe impregnants might not always be the best choice for leather bags, so we recommend testing it before using all over – spray some product on the small, not so visible area of your bag and make sure it doesn’t leave any unwanted stains and do no harm to the leather. It’s a great habit to always check any product you want to use on your bag first. Natural leather handbags should be impregnated at least one time per season. If the bag that you own is from lacquered leather – it doesn’t need to be impregnated as this type of leather might react in a very different way. Keep your bag hidden from the direct sunlight and don’t leave it in a humid place for too long – this may affect the colour. If your handbag accidentally got wet, be patient and simply dry it at the room temperature. Do not put it near the open fire, radiator or any other kind of heater. Also, do not use a hair dryer or an iron.


  • Ink and denim stains are not possible to clean out of a leather bag
  • Darker colour leathers can dye lighter fabrics when being wet or affected by friction
  • Be careful when using perfume or hair styling products next to your bag as it can damage the leather beyond retrieve

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Leather type

Texturised leather