A few important things to know before purchasing a handbag from kARTu


  • All the models available are shown in the page “MODELS”


  • You are always welcome to have a further look into our bags by visiting kARTu studio at K. Donelaicio st, 24, Kaunas. All the bags displayed here are available to buy


  • Individual orders of your chosen colors and details are welcome by email info@kartustudio.com. Please do have in mind that they take 7 to 8 weeks to arrive. If you do not wish to wait for that long we always recommend choosing a bag from the ones we already have. Having an exact vision of colors in mind? We’re always happy to consult and help you when choosing leathers


  • If you aren’t able to visit our studio there are other ways to buy the wanted bag too: by dropping us an email or Facebook message,  shopping online or giving us a call


  • When making an individual order we never take any payment in advance. If you’re not happy about the bag after it’s finished, we would never force you to buy it and would find an alternative decision instead


  • If you are not able to visit our studio to pick up your order we can always ship the bag to your desired address in Lithuania or any other country in the world. The customer covers the price of shipping in that case. We ship it in 5 days after receiving a full payment


  • We do get a lot of questions and orders so we kindly ask you to be patient. We try our best to answer you emails and messages no later then in three days time. If not getting an answer, your email or message could have gone lost so please call us and we will help you over the phone


  • Bag returns are possible in three days time after purchasing. Bag must be in perfect condition, unworn and without any imperfections other than natural leather flaws which were there before buying


  • The main uniqueness that kARTu handbags have – they’re all different. We do not have permanent leather palette as colours regularly change, ones end, others freshly arrive but that’s the reason why we are able to suggest such a big variety of them. Maybe you saw some bag on social media or you like the one that your friend has but the possibility that we are able to make another one just like that isn’t big.  Of course, we always try our best to answer all the questions, consult you during the process of ordering and find the best alternative there is.