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Return policy

If customers decide to return products, they must follow these rules:

  • returned product must be in its original packaging;
  • product must not be damaged;
  • product should contains its commercial apperance (not damaged labels, protective film), this rule doesn‘t apply to poor quality products, which have been returned;
  • returned product has to have a complete set, as it was delivered to customer;
    when returning a product, customer should send a proof of its purchase.

Products can be returned within 14 days. Returned items should be sent to our studio address: K. Donelaičio 24-1, Kaunas, Lithuania










kARTù – taste, togetherness, living in art

Everything started with one lady and one little idea born in her head. Constantly seeking for THAT exceptional, functional, good quality and beautiful colored handbag, she finally decided to create one herself. That’s how the very first tote bag for women named “Coffee Bean” was born. As years went by, this game of style spices got spinning full speed.

Ingrida Jasinskė, founder of „kARTu“ had an inborn spirit of a wanderer as long as she can remember herself. This desire to travel, explore, get lost in the world and “soak” all the beauty and uniqueness of foreign regions and cultures isn’t going anywhere as the time goes by. After many years, traveling is still the main creative force that leads Ingrida to exploring fresh new silhouettes for the bags and storytelling for the brand.

Yes, every single “kARTu” bag has a story, identity and it’s very own taste.

Right now “kARTu” presents more than 40 different models of handbags and backpacks. All of them are metaphorically called names of various spices. Timeless, but created applying modern design tendencies “kARTu” bags are for personalities living to the city rhythm and style. Each of the bags is unique, precisely handmade and flavored with the most positive emotions only.

Our main values are quality, durability and functionality which are then proportioned with modern design yet contemporary trends. “kARTu” is a socially responsible brand, we care about the environment and its natural materials which are used up to 100% during the creative process. We aim to raise awareness about responsible fashion and environmentally friendly choice.