“Thyme” – this spice goes well with “Cardamom”, “Lavender” or “Bergamot”, but actually is a great addition to many other kARTu flavors. Name of the spice was born from words “power” and “courage” as from the ancient times thyme was known as having special powersto give one strenght. Our “Thyme” is no different – it’s a crucial support to every single of our bags. Because a bag can never have enough secret sections and little pockets in it, right? Here you can keep your makeup treasures, receipts which usually end up at the deep end of your bag and can never be found when you need them or coins for some sweet everyday sins.


Firm but easily sliding zip will be loved by those always in a rush, cotton lining is perfectly suitable for even the most delicate jewellery to keep.


Measurements: 10,5 x 18 cm

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