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Future tendencies in the the European fashion industry: individuality and attention to details

Worldwide fashion industry changes constantly. It is currently facing one of the major challenges of all times – to stop planet pollution. International fashion community are looking for effective ways to educate consumers and influence them for the harmful habits to change. Research results are shocking: a very big part of those shopping at the fast fashion retailers only wear a piece of clothing once or twice before throwing it away and buying a new one. This is a result of low prices and fashion trends that change weekly and stimulate to buy something new – again and again. It’s like an endless circle that got us all in. But the biggest players in the fashion arena do not ignore this problem. Slowly but surely, we are stepping into the new era of fashion business. It’s a perfect time for small brands that stay faithful to authentic craftsmanship, offer contemporary ideas and pay great attention to quality and durability to stand out. All the vigilant eyes are turned to the conceptual fashion. We’re feeling grateful to feel these changes ourselves. Through the last months kARTu team got a few invitations to present our collections for the wider audience in Europe. We’ve visited one of the biggest fashion fairs in Warsaw and participated at the events of international Amsterdam fashion week. Great news are for sharing!



We we’re not the only ones visiting the Netherlands to present Lithuanian design. We’ve traveled together with Gerda Liudvinaviciute, designer of “CELSIUS273”creating unique, minimalist jewelery from concrete. “kARTu” and “CELSIUS273” were specifically chosen to represent Lithuania at the international exposition which was an unexpected, pleasant surprise for both of the brands, especially when we maintain a friendly relationship with each other. At the bussiness so competitive we, however, get hold of the friendship. We collaborate at many projects, share ideas, contacts, create plans together and work for our hopes and dreams to become reality – it’s easier to beat all the challenges that way. It was a lovely adventure to discover Amsterdam and introduce Lithuanian design to dutch fashion community together.


Amsterdam could be called Scandinavian Venezia. Channels, tiny bridges and extraordinary architecture will fascinate the first yet the tenth time visiting this city. It’s a very contemporary place that brings many young, talented and stylish professionals from all over the world together. However, Amsterdam seems to keep its temper restrained, it’s busy and modern, but calm and soothing at the same time, you don’t get tired of all the busyness and hustle of the city. Here we’ve got captivated by countless little shops that sell beautiful collections of contemporary fashion designers. We were given a chance to have a little talk and discuss opportunities for a possible future partnership of selling Lithuanian design in Amsterdam. Scandinavians value uniqueness and quality. Dominant style is, of course, based on the rules of scandi minimalism. Fashion week attendees tend to stand out with unique style solutions, bright colours and daring choices, but passers-by are usually seen in simply clever assembles, earthy colours, clean cuts and keeping accessories to the minimum. As it’s said – simplicity is the key.



Other Spring destination was way closer to Lithuania – we were welcomed by beautifully sunny Warsaw. KARTu had an opportunity to participate in one of the biggest fashion fairs around Baltic countries “Mustache Yard Sale”. Fair was held at the majestic, symbol of Warsaw called Palace of Culture and Science and it really gave this event a very special atmosphere. Many designers from Baltic and even farther countries in Europe presented their asortment at the fair. Clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories, unique interior details and so much more – it would be hard to name everything you could’ve found there. It was a great opportunity to get ready for the stylish summer season, many locals and city visitors that support contemporary design attended to shop or just to have a good time. It was nice to meet a lot of colleagues from Lithuania and to get to know designers from other countries, chat about different experiences, achievements and even share valuable industry contacts. We’ve also received some unexpected feedback from foreign kARTu customers as quite a lot of them, as we found out, are fans of our bags for quite a while!


Warsaw is an extraordinary beautiful, elegant city of Poland. The ones visiting for the first time are left surprised and wanting to come back. After admiring spectacular architecture or wandering through the cosy little oldtown there definitely are more unique places to visit: the Neon Museum, beautiful garden that grows on the roof of the university (yes, on the roof!), the best bar in town called “Regina” (interior and cocktails will not disappoint, we promise) and cute cafes that serve traditional buffet breakfast. It’s d e l i c i o u s ! Lovers of art, fashion and interior will be thrilled to find many designer boutiques, perfumeries and book shops.


Each time visiting Warsaw this city seems different, or maybe that’s us that see it in a different way. We stayed at the business part of the city, surrounded by skyscrapers, business centers and fancy hotels. So after the weekend we left with an impression how energetic and lively this city is. So magnificent, modern, never quiet and full of beautiful, smiling people. We scooped those emotions full hands and promised ourselves – we are definitely coming back.


kARTu takes a big step forward – we’re very happy to have an opportunity to take roots in the wide fashion market of Europe. Traveling and exploring new cultures has always been that special mover that stimulates us to go forward, doesn’t let to give up, helps our ideas bloom and become reality. We’re glad that these journeys not only inspire, but open new paths that we wouldn’t dare to even dream about. Actually, yes, to travel and dream big is the advice that we give to fulfill summer of yours and ours. And the upcoming autumn is a great time to make those dreams become reality!