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kARTu studio presents a new handbag for an electrified summer

Punk maximalism, neon energy, fashion aliens!? kARTu studio presents a new handbag for the summer of 2023 and an electrified photo session created with the artist Laura Kazlauskiene-Punkgallery.

Welcoming the dizzying heat and the shortest nights of the year, kARTu fashion house combined creative waves with Punkgallery and created eccentric fashion paintings in a stylish photo shoot. The painter, showcase, and installation creator Laura, who created all the images, calls herself a fashion alien and boldly combines the incompatible. The result is a lively cacophony of colours and shapes, as a rebellion against boring subtlety and scrupulous order.



This time, the handbag studio has prepared one model for the hot fashion season: the Ficus, decorated with asymmetric details. “We are entering a new phase”, says Ingrida Jasinske, kARTu creative manager, and emphasizes the importance of customers’ distinctive taste and creativity. ” In order to avoid using empty environmental jargon, we want to explore what sustainable creation means to us. One way we are doing this is by offering a manual personalization tool. In our workshop, we see every day how the design of accessories changes when different colour combinations are chosen. Therefore, we give customers a blank canvas, one model of a handbag, and invite them to mix the colours themselves. We encourage them to look in the mirror, think about their favourite activities, and listen to their inner selves.


The Ficus handbag shone in the energetic ultramarine color, the graphic contrast of black and milky white and cream powder tones in the photo shoot radiating cowboy freedom. Two buckled, curly leather belts allow you to find comfortable ways to wear the bag and experiment with different looks. kARTu studio and Punkgallery invite you to splash your everyday life with neon paint and not hide the sharp edges of your personality! Let summer style be bold, bright, and lively.