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“kARTu” handbags appear on a catwalk of London Fashion Week

Already very well known in Lithuania, fashion brand “kARTu” that presents unique leather handbags and smaller accessories is successfuly making its way through to the international fashion world. This year “kARTu” team was selected to participate in few events happening during London Fashion Week – international fashion business exhibition “SCOOP” and the most perspective designers from all over the world gathering show “Fashion Scout”.


“SCOOP” exhibition is one of the most prestigious events of its type happening in London. Taking place for the 18thtime it gathers plenty of fashion designers, buyers, bloggers, stylists, journalists. Here the most perspective names are noticed in no time, as the biggest fashion business “whales” are seeking for new eye catchers – unique brands which they could be first to represent to the wider audience the upcoming season. “It really is a very high level show that not everybody could het into. It’s not about money, it’s a matter of invitation. That’s why it was such an honour that we had an opportunity to present our handbags at this particular show, – sharing her joy says creative director of the brand I. Jasinskė.

Designer also points out that London is one of the most innovative cities when talking about fashion industry. “Here, as well as in other super cities of course, fashion world news come first so it’s a very opportune place for the brand’s start in an international market. Competition is fierce, but we know our strenghts and our uniqueness, we are proud of our Lithuanian roots, our identity – world is truly interested in it, we notice that – mentions I. Jasinskė.


Handbags could not only be seen at the exhibition “SCOOP”, but also on the catwalk of “Fashion Scout” that takes place during London Fashion Week. Here, in the evening of February 16th, magnificent Freemason hall in London was crowded with people. Stylish London audience was excited to see joint show by “kARTu” and clothing brand “shopyte” presented by Lithuanian designer Dovile Sopyte.


Subtle combinations, earthy colours, light fabrics and elegant accents that were complemented by unique silhouettes of “kARTu” handbags. “It’s always a pleasure to collaborate, to make Lithuanian fashion visible together. I think we’ve celebrated February 16th, Day of Restoration of Lithuania’s independence in a very special way – representing our country outside its borders. I am feeling confident when making these first steps in London Fashion Week with “shopyte”. Both our and “shopyte” teams have a very clear vision and values when creating sustainable fashion that is relevant through many years. We can’t be happier that so many people came to see the show, we’ve received huge amount of compliments, I wasn’t even dreaming about such an appreciation that we got to feel that night” , – says I. Jasinskė.

Noticed by often so called “fashion bible”, magazine “Vogue” in 2017, young and full of potential “kARTu” is not planning to stop. Year of 2018 was exceptionally successful for the brand as it brought recognition in the biggest markets across Europe. Last September “kARTu” collection was exhibited and applaused during Paris Design Week, in November handbags could have been admired at the Festival of Northern countries “Les Boreales” in Caen city, France.