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kARTu impressions from Milan Fashion Week: curiosity is the biggest driver of creativity

This September was an active and fulfilling month for studio kARTu! As soon as New York Fashion Week ended and the renewed Ajeras took over the streets of Manhattan, the kARTu team packed their bags and visited the Milan Fashion Week events for the second year in a row. This time, the fashion house not only attended designer presentations, but also drew inspiration from innovative production exhibits and released a new handbag model that will be featured in the fall/winter collection!

Opposites attract?

Milan Fashion Week opened with the presentation of Antonio Marras’ clothing collection full of floral patterns and loose silhouettes, in which kARTu also took part. A runway strewn with flowers stretched in front of  the fashion house’s headquarters, where models presented a romantic interplay of fabrics and patterns. Checks were paired with floral lace, puffy skirts with tapestry-like prints with minimalist leotards and ornately embroidered white dresses with familiar (and maybe a little boring?) beige jumpers. It seems that in next year’s warm season, we will have to relax and allow ourselves to mix the opposite ends of our wardrobes.

Self-confidence is an eternal trend

The diversity of high fashion designers’ trends for spring/summer 2023 was reflected in the fashion-forward combinations worn by event attendees. They did not fit into any style category, and they did not need to! Trusting your inner knowing and being yourself will never go out of style. Some of the fashion highlights seen on the streets of Milan included a lace dress paired with a hat featuring rabbit ears, glittery scales from head to toe, and a cowboy hat accessorized with a pearl necklace. These were just some of the street fashion highlights that appeared on the streets of Milan.


How to stay stylish while traveling?

Amidst the hustle and bustle of fashion week, the elegant mini handbag “Ajeras” also made an appearance. The model from the 2022 summer collection has been reborn with a classic combination of smooth black leather and glossy imitation reptile. If you can not pack a full wardrobe for a short trip, a small black handbag is always to the rescue!

Collections for the modern human: from inflatable hats to soft minimalism

Colors were abundant in the spring/summer collection of the Moschino fashion house. Creative director Jeremy Scott invited the audience on a vivid journey between fiction and reality. In a world marked by  global challenges, the designer suggested keeping room for joy… and filled that space with extravagant inflatables, hats and pockets. Alessandro Michele with Gucci did not escape the eccentric splendor either, organizing a show during Milan Fashion Week that left the audience stunned. Literally!


At the show, 68 identical twins walked the runway. The designer claimed that the same clothes can emphasize completely different characteristics of each person when worn by different people. The uniqueness of personality was also emphasized by the unisex collection of the designer duo Jil Sander, whose calm tones give you a breather from the intense colorfulness. Images with a free silhouette, while maintaining elegance, allow you to interpret work clothes and transfer them to a stylish party.

Stay tuned: a new kARTu handbag from the upcoming collection debuted in Milan

Last September, the creative director of kARTu adorned herself in Milan with the then brand new model “Artišokas“, and this time, for the first time, a yet-to-be-presented handbag from the fall/winter collection, designed in the kARTu studio, shone on the streets of Italy. Ingrida’s sleek, futuristic look was complemented by a medium-sized handbag in a neutral cream shade, adding a touch of softness to the whole ensemble. What will its name be? What other models will be featured in the upcoming collection? Follow kARTu news and do not miss any stylish surprises.


I.Jasinkė: travel surprises every time

“When you sit in your sewing room, in your city, and in the circle of familiar people, it starts to seem that it is no longer possible to create something new, something surprising. But trips like this surprise me every time!” says the creative director of the kARTu studio as she shares her impressions of Milan Fashion Week. “On the streets of the city, you can see how original people combine clothes and what accessories they use. What image mood do you choose when you go to a fashion presentation, and what mood do you choose when you rush to a work meeting? Every time you step out of your close and comfortable bubble, you encounter a colorful, unknown, and exciting everyday life. Fashion events always remind us that curiosity is the greatest impetus for creativity.”