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“Personalities among us” : interview with the professional makeup artist Jurga Kartu

Personalities among us” is the latest kARTu project that you will be seeing through the upcoming months for a whole year. We’ll be sharing short, friendly, intellectual conversations with the strong, inspiring personalities that surround each and every of us every day. Each month we will meet people from very different backgrounds to talk about their lifestyle, career, piece of mind, interests and style choices. By developing this project we aim to reveal these very special, but close to us people through the perspective that they don’t really see themsleves through. Every one of us is a unique everyday hero – rushing, pursuing, creating. We just need to stop for a moment and notice how special we actually are.


Jurga Kartunaviciute but more broadly known as Jurga Kartu ( symbolic, right?) – one of the most professional make up artists in Lithuania. We luckily somehow managed to squeeze this fun and honest morning interview between all the photoshoots, training sessions, meetings and events that Jurga’s days are full of.  We met in Vilnius, at Architects’ Alliance of Lithuania headquarters space on a windy,  late Thursday morning. kARTu team recognised bright, double-rowed coat and a wide smile from far away – it felt like Jurga brought us sunny Spring to the interview that day.  Cosy and candid talk about responsibility, understanding of happiness, inside voice and fateful mother’s advice which made Jurga’s career turn the other way round then it was expected at first.


Jurga, tell us more about what you do.
Actually, my current career began very unexpectedly. First of all, I studied something absolutely different from what I do now – Management and Administration at Vilnius University. As my mum advised me to register at some kind of additional courses and develop my competency in some practical area too, I finished summer makeup  school after finishing second year of university. Actually, the first time I came there and opened those doors I realised straight away – that’s probably going to be my future career. And so it happened. I finished university but started developing my makeup skills straight after that turning my future work plans other way round.



Morning starts with…
Shower, coffee and breakfast!


What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?
If being honest, nothing really, because sleep is very important in my life. As I like to joke, sleep is like the best elixir or cream of youth, there are no better ones than sleep. So from this aspect, nothing would really motivate me to get up, I like sleep and have to get enough of it every day. But if we talk more seriously, I think the best motivation is responsibility. I don’t want to be late, don’t want to disappoint my clients, people who I work with, so I think that feeling of responsibility is the factor that motivates me the most.


Do you like makeup on yourself? How usually you do it?
Myself I use very little amount of makeup and do it very quickly. On average I spend from 5 to 15 minutes doing my casual everyday makeup look. It’s really light, quick, I only use a few main products and go.


Favorite free time activity?

Can’t say I have one which I could call “favorite”, I like a bit of everything – something that interests me at that particular moment. Traveling, hanging out with my friends, reading. When I have a free moment I also like to open some magazine which I got from abroad and deepen my knowledge about the freshest makeup and fashion trends.


What helps you to run away from everyday routine? Maybe there is no such thing as routine in your life?

Actually, there isn’t, no.


During your everyday rituals, what handbag/backpack is your most trusted companion? Maybe you have a few different ones for work, weekend, travelling?

Backpack only, 100%, because  it’s comfortable and my hands are always free.


Detail from your look that you don’t feel yourself without?
Can’t exclude one really. I choose clothes and accessories according to my mood that day, so there isn’t one detail that important, everything depends on the mood.


Which famous woman inspires you the most? Why you admire her?
Same like favorite accessory, can’t exclude one inspiring woman. What inspires me the most is everything that’s around me. Something from traveling, from my own feelings and emotions, little things in the world, so not one and only authority.


How do you make sure that you’re on the right path in life?
If I feel happy, that means I am.


How do you understand the notion of “career”? 
I think that career is a very important part in one’s life. Of course, for some people it can be hugely important, for some not so, personally for me career and family are equally important.


Discover professional makeup platform by Jurga and her colleague Jolita:

Pictures by Ieva Rudzionyte
Handbags by kARTu