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Cosmetic bag “Rowan”

Cosmetic bag ” Rowan” – with bitter and sour spices. The new member of the kARTu family, distinguished by its exclusivity and strictness, is the cosmetic Rowan, which attracts attention with its solid shape and capacity. Inside the cosmetic there is a small compartment for smaller items so that nothing gets lost and is in […]

Wallet “Wormwood”

Wallet “Wormwood” – we believe that the new member of the kARTu family, the Wormwood wallet, will be hard to replace and valuable, just like the plant itself, with its benefits and values. In it you will find space for the most necessary cards, coins or bills. The wallet has a zipper for the coin […]

Handbag “Wisp”

Wisp is a handbag associated with restraint, grace and simplicity. Like plant, kARTu products are long-lasting. Wisp – soft, light and constantly accompanying you, is the new handbag a member of the collection that is characterized by elegance, capacity and a feature that emphasizes personality. Handheld worn on the shoulder, has a zipper, a compartment […]

Handbag “Thistle”

Thistle is a handbag that catches the eye with its beauty, elegance and uniqueness. As with the thistle plant, not everyone is easy to make friends with because of its thorns and strict forms, and the new kARTu handbag is also strict, elegant and not everyone’s friend. She is the companion of someone who is […]

Handbag “Ficus”

Handbag “Ficus” – takes its vitality from hot tropical greenery. The asymmetrical metal details on the front of the medium-sized handbag and the two detachable curly leather straps encourage vibrant style experiments. Ficus watches you with a big round eye and challenges your uniformity. Can you feel its electric spirit? Description: Lining inside the handbag, two zipped pockets for phone/keys; Handbag is fastened […]

Mini Handbag “Burdock”

On days when you want to be at ease, the women’s bag Burdock will be a lifesaver. A small handbag that never goes out of style and is always needed in the wardrobe – a small clutch bag for chic looks, or maybe for travelling in style? The shiny metal chain adds a cool touch […]

Handbag – “Peppermint”

Handbag “Peppermint” – comes to remind us that style doesn’t have to conflict with comfort. The sleek lines and smooth surface create a look of refined luxury, while the extra-wide handles allow this sophisticated accessory to blend into the down-to-earth routine. Peppermint needs no extra details – its refreshing simplicity is a beauty in itself. The bag has […]


Handbag – “Nettle”  is a breezy invitation to goof around and have fun! Although we wouldn’t want to jump into a nettle field head-first, even the slightest touch of its’ sharp little leaves will tickle you gently and bring back vitality. This medium-sized handbag “Nettle” , with its tassels playing in the summer breeze, invites […]

Sweet Flag

Handbag “Sweet Flag” – Leave your unnecessary luggage at home and let your curiosity take you to a journey into the unknown! Small, subtle and minimalist, Sweet Flag is a daily reminder that you don’t need much to feel happy. It’s a light and basic mini bag that goes with everything, without any extra worries! […]


Handbag “Horsetail” – The capacious combines comfort with playfulness and reminds us that balance is key. It’s a clean and precise handbag for those who don’t want to be distracted by fancy details, but still love to stand out from a boring crowd! A simple maxi handbag is enlivened by long, free-falling tassels, so the […]


Backpack “Aloe”, designed to become an irreplaceable companion for both men and women. It has an extraordinary power and like the aloe plant, constantly radiates its vital energy. Aloe with healing power will strengthen you and make it even easier to achieve your goals. We want to share this extraordinary energy with you. The backpack […]


Handbag “Nasturtium” –  The accent of the restrained city style and the embodiment of symmetry is a medium-sized handbag Nasturtium. Like the bright Nasturtium flower blossom this handbag has a solid triangular shape. Geometric accuracy will appeal to everyone who loves punctuality and order but does not forget the fun of the evening! Inside the […]


Handbag “Artichoke” – The flirtatious Artichoke is an irreplaceable companion of elegant outfits. Sturdy base and soft body of the handbag create a harmonious balance and the metal details of the strap – expressive accents! Layered and versatile Artichoke – a modern accessory for versatile personalities. Choose a long handle in style everyday and for […]


Handbag Buttercup – harmony and ingenious minimalism. The round handle is reminiscent of a symmetrical buttercup flower and invites you to travel through the history of fashion – you will find yourself in the interwar period when these handles were so popular! The Buttercup is a historical blossom and a nostalgic handbag for eternally classic […]


Glasses case “Anise” – Fragrant, sharply fresh and extra flavorful, Anise is a truly mischievous spice, not appreciated by vast masses. Nevertheless, extraordinary things don’t need to be easily approachable! Leather glasses case is a gourmet fashion element. Attach it on the outside of your bag and you will have a pop of colour to […]