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Men’s handbag “Coltsfoot”

The ascetic Coltsfoot is a minimalist accessory for men who don’t bother with unnecessary everyday tasks and things to carry. Small, with only the essentials inside and always within easy reach. This versatile men’s handbag can be worn in several ways: on one shoulder, diagonally across the chest, or on the waist. Let the Coltsfoot […]

Man’s handbag “Flag”

A timeless men’s fashion staple with a fresh twist – the Flag soft briefcase. It’s a handy bag for refined gentlemen and men who never lose their personal style in the heat of work. The wide leather straps keep the shape of the bag strong and support heavy baggage. Both physical and emotional. Trust Flag […]


Backpack “Aloe”, designed to become an irreplaceable companion for both men and women. It has an extraordinary power and like the aloe plant, constantly radiates its vital energy. Aloe with healing power will strengthen you and make it even easier to achieve your goals. We want to share this extraordinary energy with you. The backpack […]


Travel bag “Juniper” – so far, this is the greatest travel buddy we have ever created. This bag, just as we’ve promised, is just a little piece of all the surprises we have prepared for men. The bag is roomy enough for a carefree escape from the city jungle. It can be held in hand […]


Wallet “Rosemary”  – if there’s one item that no one ever leaves their home without, it would probably be a wallet. Seemingly small but an incredibly important buddy. kARTu range of men’s accessories is finally complemented by a men’s wallet. Small enough to fit in a pocket but with enough compartments and pockets for convenient […]


Wallet/case “Caraway” – one of the most popular spices that took roots in Lithuanian cuisine long ago. We believe that it’s a great companion not only in culinary adventures but in every of our handbags too. Or maybe pocket? Wallet “Caraway” has an intensive aroma and is super charming so it will be a great […]


[columnsection wrapper=”wrapper” layout=”one-full” swap=”0″ spacing=”spaced-normal” animation=”no-anim” colalign=”top” class=”” id=””][col size=”one-full” last=”last-col”] Case „Strawflower“  – although he should be super proud of his golden yellow blooms, Strawflower is shy and not too keen on getting a lot of attention. He is a quiet dreamer that admires the smell of wisps dancing in the wind, blue skies, […]


Backpack “Ginger” – a very distant but well known spice that has an extraordinary taste. Both India and Southeast Asia are called homelands of ginger so kARTu “Ginger” has roots familiar to these exotic countries too. As you might know, ginger lifts one’s mood up and improves immunity – helps us feel better during any […]

Agave for men

Backpack “Agave” – she only feels alive when soaking up warm sun beams, enjoying fresh Southern wind and experiencing endless adventures. Backpack “Agave” is very subtle, mysterious, sometimes even unrecognizable as she has countless different faces and character qualities. She’s both a peaceful world observer and enthusiastic traveler that dreams to see more and more […]


Backpack “Marjoram” – the very fresh and flavorful member of “kARTu” family. He just can’t stay still for a moment, always ready for another challenge or unexpected trip even to the farthest point on Earth. Together you could run down the beach, catch the wind on a bike and walk the undiscovered jungle paths. Safe […]


Case “Basil” – loved so much by those brave, always in a rush but well organised, modern city ladies. Here you can safely carry your laptop and phone, documents or book. Your very best everyday companion and partner that you can trust. You can handily wear “Basil” by holding it through the leather loop at […]


Backpack / handbag “Sandalwood” – famous for its precious aroma. Getting all the attention. In ancient times twig of sandalwood was used as a sign of honour to glorify heroes of the nation. Today anyone that wears “Sandalwood” rucksack on their shoulders can feel no less honoured – this unique leather accessory will totally make […]


Mens cosmetic bag “Salteksnis” – loyal companion of kARTu mens briefcase “Sage”, lover of new experiences and extraordinary adventures. Modern design and praticality goes in step here – “Salteksnis” is not only a spacious manly travel accessory but a stylish detail to an overall everyday look too. “Salteksnis” will fit all the bathroom neccesities, perfume […]


Briefcase “Sage” – kARTu briefcase designed for men. It’s a true city guide, new places’ discoverer. Temperate and gallant when necessary. “Sage” is firm and manlike. This is accentuated by the regular lines and minimalistic details which also provide this briefcase excellent functionality. It is designed to be well suitable for carrying a laptop and […]


Backpack “Bilberry” – a heady combination of freedom and comfort. Always ready to be in the lead – lovely by its simplicity and charming by the sharp, formal shape. It features very few details only – “Bilberry” just does not need them.   The backpack closes with a zip and has a flap which is […]