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Live from New York: Fashion Week with kARTu handbag “Ajeras”

As the rhythm of the day started to revolve around work again and the irrepressible desire to watch “Gossip Girl” arose, an intense Fashion Week broke out in New York on September 9–14. Dispersing the impressions of summer in the noise of the streets, the city that never sleeps was filled with presentations of fashion house collections and images of passers by demonstrating their exquisite style. Both the fashion houses and the street style predicted what we would see on magazine covers and the top trends for spring/summer 2023. The ambassador of kARTu studio, Jolita, also visited New York with a renewed “Ajeras” handbag that was specially made for this fashion week!



Live from New York: renewed kARTu handbag “Ajeras”

Exclusive street fashion is the most exciting part of fashion weeks. Bright fashion lovers who ignore styles, eras, trends and established norms (and consciously break them!) always encourage more daring experiments in front of the mirror. And no matter how seriously we look at that mirror, it reminds us that style is just a free and creative game of personality! Jolita also wanted to play, so she chose an “Ajeras” handbag for her trip to New York and personalized it. A thin but weighty metal chain replaced the wide leather belt, while the smooth grey leather was enlivened by a metal buckle on the outside of the mini-bag. The result –  a cool geometric look that easily blends in with the concrete jungle backdrop. The inside of the bag is made of  shiny silver checkered leather, reminiscent of a disco ball. It’s like a secret party just for her!


Vogue World: A Celebration of Fashion and Street

The not-so-secret party took place on September 12, and it was the Vogue World event held on the occasion of Vogue magazine’s 130th birthday. The live presentation featured Vogue’s Fall/Winter 2022 highlights on the runway, fashion brand-curated stalls on the streets of Manhattan and the entire event was broadcasted live around the world. “Fashion is changing and Vogue World is celebrating it: fashion shows and street fairs combine creativity with community,” says Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, emphasizing the importance of New York City among fashion lovers.

   Five main trends of this autumn stood out at the celebration, which brought together world stars in one place:

Luxury Sports: sportswear sales have skyrocketed during the pandemic and now they’ve reached the level of haute couture. This fall offers Victoria Beckham, Miu Miu, and Saint Laurent tracksuit-turned-dresses.

Metal Brilliance: the “Ajeras” handbag of kARTu ambassador Jolita hit the top ten!

Retro: all eyes are on Harry Styles in a high-collared Gucci shirt and the Elvis film, that takes you into a sweet, yesteryear dream.

The Classic is Back: or maybe it never disappeared? Diversify the lines and strict angles of the neat cut with modern accessories.

Modern Bohemian: it’s time to pull out Mom’s lace, long dresses and comfortable cowboy boots! Let’s celebrate handmade, home-dyed fabrics and second-hand clothes. Global ecological trends are also reflected in fashion.







Inclusion, community relevance and sustainability

“It’s great to see that sustainability is really becoming a priority for fashion designers. These are no longer just catchy marketing phrases; they are real examples on the street and on the runways,” Jolita confirms the nature-friendly fashion trends. Upcycled collections were presented in a busy program of events and emphasis was placed on slow creativity. Attention was paid to quality of materials and sustainable production processes.

“Inclusivity is another aspect of sustainability that is particularly evident at New York Fashion Week this year. The clothes are showcased by models of different sizes and from different cultures, the collections finally seem relatable to a larger human audience. This year, there is also a strong desire to include previously excluded communities and to gather new ones. We even visited several presentations by Latin American designers, and we heard a lot of Spanish in the audience,” the kARTu ambassador shares.



Full of cultures, celebrities and events, New York confirms common social trends and embodies them in fashion. Sustainability remains a central theme that covers many aspects: let’s focus on quality – not quantity; let’s appreciate the influences of different contexts and not try to be the same. Most importantly, let’s remember that trends are dictated not only by well-known designer names but also by you, carelessly strolling through the city streets. The earrings you match with your shoelaces today create tomorrow’s fashion vision.